Borders (Burkina Faso: 2017)


Apoline Traoré

Cast list

Amelie Mbaye:          Adjara

Naky Sy Savane:        Emma

Adizétou Sidi:            Sali

Unwana Udobang:   Micha


Cinematography: Ali Lakrouf

Music: Cyril Morin (keybords, solo guitar) and Arnaud Gauthier (music director)

Film Editing: Christian Billette

Camera: Prisca Bourgoin


The film is focused on four women who meet on a bus and cross borders to trade goods with the goal of helping their families be financial stable. On their way through the five countries they experience hardships such as harassment, sexual assault, and corruption of government at the borders of the countries they are trying to pass through. The film is focused on the women’s bonds and their strength while fighting through the problems they face.


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