Sous la Clarté de la Lune (Burkina Faso: 2004)


Apolline Traoré

Cast list

Amadou Ouattara                 Amadou

Rasmané Ouédraogo            Kollo

Moussa Sanou                        Issa

Oumar Barou Ouedraogo

Tafo Adama

Ben Salah Soulama


Idrissa Ouedraogo         Writing

Appoline Traoré             Writing

Daniel Barrau                 Cinematography

Yaël Lamglait                 Assistant Director


Patrick, a young French man in his thirties works for a year in a small village in Burkina Faso. He has a relationship with a girl names Kaya whom is 25 years old and get pregnant. Kaya gives birth to their daughter Martine and Patrick flees to Europe with Martine. The shock of this loss is a lot for Kaya to handle. Seven year later Patrick returns to the village with Martine. Patrick get a mix of reaction from the villagers because when he returns, he learns that Kaya had fallen mute. Eventually all three of them meet up and Kaya sees her daughter and then flees of with her into the night.


“Interrogating the Tansnational Family: Memory, Identity and Cultural Biligualism in Sous la clarté de la lune by Zélie Asava. Frances Colonial Legacies. 2013. Pp.150-168

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