Leo (Kenya: 2012)


Jinna Mutune

Cast list

Trevor Gitonga as Leo

Conor Ailin Lyons as Ed

David Morin as Ed’s father

Gowi Odera as Leo’s father

Paddy Mwangi as Fela

Alice Odera as Leo’s mother

Kui Maina as Mona

Jeff Koinange as Rugtz

Chris Kirubi as Himself


Executive producers: Donald Gichane, Julian Kyula, Bernard Wambugu

Producers: Jinna Mutune, Chris Kirubi

Cinematography: Abraham Martinez

Camera operator: Abraham Martinez

Producer's office assistant: Gathoni Mutua


An insightful tale about a young Maasai boy growing up in the city of Nairobi, Kenya who sets out to live his dreams of being a superhero. Shown through the eyes of a boy believing in perseverance and the potential of dreams.


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