Rock The Casbah (Morocco: 2013)


Laila Marrakchi

Cast list

Morjana Alaoui: Sofia
Nadine Labaki: Miriam
Lubna Azabal: Kenza
Hiam Abbass: Aicha
Omar Sharif: Moulay
Hassan Raouia: Yacout
Adel Bencherif: Zakaria
Assia Bentria: Lalla Zaza
Hassan El Ganouni: Ahmed


Produced by: Alexandre Aja
Associate producer: Bénédicte Bellocq
Co-producer: Jonathan Blumenthal
Associate producer: Stéphanie Carreras
Producer: Souad Lamriki
Co-producer: Romain Le Grand
Co-producer: Éric Névé
Associate producer: Matthieu Prada


The film tells the story of three sisters that reunite with their mother to deal with the passing of their father. These three sisters symbolize the progression of feminism and pushing back against current social organization concerning gender. Western culture conflicts with conservative muslim traditions and create another dynamic that creates a topic of conversation beyond the primary plot of the film. Steps are taken to use production values in order to authentically and accurately represent the socio-economic status of the story’s major players. Themes of this film are able to be transferred and understood cross-culturally and can be expected to travel as so.


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