My American Nurse (Nigeria: 2006)


Pascal Atuma

Cast list

Taye Alofomba
Emeka Ani
Blessing Felicia Anthony
Chinasa Anwanyu
Oscar Atuma
Pascal Atuma
Emayatzy Corinealdi
Paul Cypriano
Demola Damilare
Vida Darko
Ivy Dilson
Love Edmem
April Cason Etuk
Ime Etuk
Nnena George
Dred Gerestant
Ossy Ikeh
Veronica Kelly
Chris Liner
Suzie Martins
Kennettee Mcqueen
Rasaq Musa
Ashley Nwosu
Ben Nwosu
Loretha Obare
Aroki Odunlami
Emeka Okoro
Steve Onu
Nora Roberts
Rolu Rotimi


Writer: Pascal Atuma


Shehu, a Nigerian cab driver who's had less than stellar luck with women, recently has the misfortune of picking up a woman who wasn't one at all. Out of frustration, Shehu vows to never touch another American woman again. He travels home to Nigeria to find a wife and hang up his bachelor ways. His plan is to find a nurse so she can get certified in the USA and make enough money for him to stay home and drink beer if he so chooses. When Shehu returns to the USA with a new wife and a fresh outlook on life, he didn't count on his new wife learning the ways of the African American woman. Now his wife has embraced her new-found identity, and Shehu is stuck trying to figure it all out.