Blue Stars (Sudan: 2011)


Alsadig Mohammed


Script: Onahid Kamal, Ahmed Heshim

Camera and Sound: Tayseer Zarrouq, Babikir Ismail, Nada Hafiez, Alsadig Mohamed

Editing: Tayseer Zarrouq, Alsadig Mohamed

Production Management: Mohamed Fawi

Team Work: Mugtaba Amer


This film takes the audience through a journey of a love for music. The story takes place in Khartoum. Men who endure difficult manual labor day after day gather and bond over a love for music. They turn to their instruments, song, and each other throughout the film in order to make the best of what they have to do. The film touches upon each man’s dreams and aspirations. While they differ, they are united in this band, “Blue Stars.”


Sudanese Film Festival by Bhaskar Chakravorti, blog, Sudan Vision Daily, Dec 1st 2012.