All the Way to Paris (South Africa: 1966)


Jamie Uys

Cast list

Jamie Uys... Igor Strogoff
Bob Courtney... Granger J. Wellborne
Reinet Maasdorp... Tanya Orloff
Angus Neill... Johnny Edwards
Arthur Swemmer... Anzonia Delegate
Joe Stewardson... Ed Sloane
Mimmo Poli... Italian Butcher
Sann de Lange... Yugoslavian Mother
Frank Gregory... Italian Mayor
Bill Brewer... President at Conference


Written by Jamie Uys


Jamie Uys writes, directs, and stars in a comedy film that is an equal blend of satire, slapstick, and social commentary. Uys is Igor Strogoff, a Russian delegate to a worldwide peace conference. When Strogoff and the American delegate, Bob Courtney, fail to settle their diplomatic differences, they resolve to compete in a winner-takes-all walking race. The duo sets out from Athens towards a Parisian finish line, and experience many humorous mishaps along the way. It is the first South African film to be filmed overseas and locations include Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, and France.


Bosley Crowther, Screen: ‘After You, Comrade’ Arrives: Little Carnegie Shows South African Film Producer and Director is Writer and Star The New York Times (April 11, 1967)

'All the Way to Paris’ (AKA – ‘After You, Comrade’) M-Net (African broadcasting company)

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