Die Kavaliers (South Africa: 1966)


Elmo de Witt

Cast list

Leon le Roux... Field Cornet Chris Botha
Brenda Bell... Joan Gray
Brian O'Shaughnessy... Capt. Ronald Rogers
Cobus Rossouw... Sarel van der Merwe
Gerhard Viviers... Gerrie
Carel Trichardt... Ben Burgers
Johan Malherbe... Daan Grobbelaar
Bill Brewer... Gen. Sir Godfrey Gray
Arthur Swemmer... Thomas Brown
Dirk de Villiers... Gen. de Wet


Written By... Fanus Rautenbach, Jan Perold, Elmo de Witt, Piet Schreuder, Pierre Fourie (story)


A film about the Anglo-Boer war. Chris Botha is a Boer soldier and a Kavalier leader asked to select 100 of his best men for a suicide mission: an attack run behind British lines. Early victories for the Kavaliers don’t last. When Botha is transferred to the Cape as a spy, he falls in love with a British general’s beautiful daughter. The young Kavalier must choose between his country and his heart.


Die Kavaliers M-Net (African broadcasting company)



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