Bravo Two Zero (South Africa: 1999)


Tom Clegg

Cast list

Sean Bean... Andy McNab
Steve Nicolson... Dinger
Rick Warden... Tony
Richard Graham... Mark
Ian Curtis... Baz
Jamie Bartlett... Ray
Robert Hobbs... Stan
Ron Senior Jr.... Pete
Robert Whitehead... Iraqi Colonel

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Writing Credits: Troy Kennedy-Martin (adaptation), Andy McNab (book)

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Based on the real life of Sergeant Andy McNab, this film is set during the Persian Gulf War. It follows an SAS Patrol’s journey deep through Iraqi territory; their mission, “Bravo Two Zero”, is to sever strategic communication lines and dispose the scud missile launchers residing in Saddam Hussein’s arsenal. However, when communications are cut, the team finds that they are surrounded by Saddam’s forces after being discovered by a shepherd. Their sole hope is to risk capture and torture as they set on their desperate 185-kilometer run to the Syrian border. Concerning the SAS team the film is based on, out of the eight operatives sent, only five lived to receive their decorations.


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