Road to Mecca (South Africa: 1991)


Athol Fugard, Peter Goldsmid

Cast list

Kathy Bates... Elsa Barlow
Yvonne Bryceland... Miss Helen
Athol Fugard... Rev. Marius Byleveld
Louis Van Niekerk... Sterling Retief
Bill Curry... Headmaster
Jackie Hendricks... Patience
Karen White... Katrina
Zane Meas... Jacob
Johann Van Herden... Dominee Gericke


Writing Credits: Athol Fugard (play), Peter Goldsmid


Based off Athol Fugard’s play, this drama follows Miss Helen, a reclusive artist, living in the town of Bethesda who is determined to keep her dignity and her independence when she is up against a repressive community.

Academic Articles:

Theatre Review: The Road to Mecca by Daniel LaPenta. Theatre Journal, (1984), pp.525

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