Shot Down (South Africa: 1987)


Andrew Worsdale

Cast list

Andrew Buckland
Robert Colman
Paul Gillett
Danny Keogh
Matthew Krouse
Megan Kruskal
James Phillips
Nicky Rebelo
Irene Stephanou
Robert Whitehead
Andrew Worsdale


Gayle Abrahams... executive producer
Ray Atkinson... executive producer
David Hannay... executive producer
David Heitner... associate producer
Jeremy Nathan... producer


Shot Down revolves around a whingeing, self-loathing police spy who infiltrates the Joburg bohemian demimonde during the State of Emergency. These were the heady days of Jameson’s and the Black Sun – nightspots popular among white lefties – where life seemed soaked in sleaze and subversion.

Academic Articles:

Moore, S. (1988, Jun 17). Double exposure–shot down. New Statesman & Society, 1, 47.

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