I Am the Future (Zimbabwe: 1994)


Godwin Mawuru

Cast list

Producer: Kubi Indi


Chiyedza Chitepo -  Kuda

Stella Nekati-Chiweshe -  Kerina


A brother and sister visit their rural African village after completion of school semester only to find the village and home devastated by senseless action of rebels. Their mother killed and little sister wanders aimlessly alone. Through their travels as refugee children, this film provides a glimpse and child perspective of the problems afflicting many in Africa. Issues relating to conflict and war, displacement, slave labour, homelessness, unemployment, crime, poverty and prostitution are addressed. As the story grimly unfolds, the young brother wants nothing else but a real honest job, his sister further education, and their little sister a wish to express empathy and her talent for singing. The metaphorical middle class and media in the form of a charitable television journalist does not come off well either: for being naïive about the reality of life for the destitute; and its narrow exploitation to selfishly further her career interests. Despite challenges faced in production of this film – imperfect cinema - it manages to engage.


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