Lobola (Zimbabwe: 2010)


Joe Njagu

Cast list

Munya Chidzonga... Sean Muza
Dalma Chiwereva... Christine
Tonderai Hakuna... Brother
Sean Silubonde... Brother
Anthony Tongani... Uncle


Producer: Rufaro Kaseke


“Lobola” tells the story of a cosmopolitan young man, Sean Muza (played by Munya Chidzonga) who plots to come back home to Zimbabwe from America. Things take a new twist when he accidentally stumbles on information his father was keeping secret, leading Sean to make a rushed decision to prove his father wrong. He finds himself on a quest to plan and go through the process of paying Dowry (Lobola) in a single day, for Christine (played by Dalma Chiwereva) whom he has known for one month. Roping in his two equally ignorant brothers (played by Sean Silubonde and Tonderai Hakuna) and a drunkard Uncle (played by Antony Tongani) they embark on the mission. Their lack of knowledge and understanding of African traditions and norms sets them on a collision course with reality. Comically brought together this hilarious movie is set in contemporary Zimbabwe and it showcases the gap between the old and the young generation.


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