Sinking Sands (Ghana: 2011)


Leila Afua Djansi

Cast list

Jimmy Jean-Louis: Jimah Sanson

Chris Attoh: Mensah

Ama Abebrese : Pabi

Yemi Blaq: Dr Zach Mathews

Louis Marcus: Jimah's friend

Full Cast and Crew


Theodore Baidoo: producer

Leila Djansi: producer

Dave Harper: executive producer

Winrich Kolbe : executive producer

Nora Kumahor: line producer

Nick Manousakis: producer associate

Tonita Perry: producer

Whitney Valcin: associate producer


Pabi and Jimah are a happily married couple living a peaceful life. Pabi is a teacher and an aspiring school principal who hopes to start a family with Jimah. Their relationship descends into abuse after Pabi has a cooking accident that causes Jimah severe burns. After two months recovering in the hospital, Jimah is left with extensive disfiguration and scarring on the left side of his face. Unable to concentrate at work, the guilt-ridden Pabi takes time off from teaching in order to look after Jimah, and he begins to take out his anger through violence directed at Pabi. A poignant portrayal of the domestic abuse cycle, Pabi’s guilt and sense of responsibility in creating Jimah’s situation inclines her to forgive her husband’s abuse. The film follows Pabi as she makes choices regarding companionship, independence, love, and life. Cutting across lines of race and gender, Sinking Sands demands reflection from individuals who live in various types of bondage, particularly women.


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