Les Palmiers Blessés (Tunisia: 2010)


Abdellatif Ben Ammar

Cast list

Leila Waz

Néji Najeh

Hassen Kachache

Jawher Basti

Aida Guechoud

Rym Takoucht


Script Supervisor - Khadija Babai

Cinematographer - Christophe Paturange

Cinematographer - Christope Legal

Co-Producer - Abdelaziz Ben Mlouka


Chama, a young girl who lost her father in the War of Bizerte, delves further into the history and events of the war, searching for the truth about him.  Chama meets old militants and comrades of her father, witnesses embittered by memories worsened by time and silence. Through her investigations, Chama discovers the personal gain that "intellectuals" attain through falsification of history. Eventually she will find the truth, and must decide whether to commit treason by revealing it to the world.

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