Circle of Fate (South Africa: 2017)


Desmond Denton

Cast list

Anlia van Rensburg

Ashley de Lange

Lee Toffar

Rudolph Faurie

Jenny Ayumi


An undercover detective (Tamara Brink) investigating a massive sex trafficking organization in Thailand meets a young girl abducted from South Africa (Eileen) while trying to bring the atrocities she comes across to light. Tamara deviates from her instructions to distance herself from the victims and helps Eileen escape, but does not expect the extreme consequences that come with offending the criminal organization. After Eileen is shockingly killed inside of the British embassy, Tamara knows she has to survive and successfully expose the horrible truth of the sex trade, despite being hunted. Viewers will be shocked at the truth she discovers.


"SIRKEL VAN NOODLOT (circle of fate) brings together the best of an international crime syndicate story, nifty detective work, a tragic family story and a twisted love triangle." StoryPitches

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