Killer Instinct (South Africa: 1990)


David Lister

Cast list

David Dukes... Bo Peterson
Susan Anspach... Kate Simpson
Henry Cele... Samaani
Arnold Vosloo... Assad
Wilson Dunster... Bernhard
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Writing Credits: Alan Nathanson, Patrick Lee

Edgar Bold
David Erwin
Carl Fischer
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Film Crew:
John Weddepohl
Tobie Swanepoel
Alastair Henderson
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An 88 minute long action thriller, Killer Instinct is the story of an East-German factory in Africa accused of killing innocent villagers with chemical weapons. American government agent Peterson (played by David Dukes) and a journalist investigate and set out to stop them. Meanwhile, a defector has proof of the East-German actions on video tape. Also on the run after the tape: Assad, a Libyan who takes the passengers of a bus hostage to retrieve the information of the tape.


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