Kwagga Strikes Back (South Africa: 1990)


David Lister

Cast list

Leon Schuster ...
Kwagga Robbertse
Bill Flynn ...
Zapman (Capt. Carlos Zapata)
Casper de Vries ...
Joop Van Den Ploes
Michelle Bestbier ...
Lt. Inge Liefson
Ron Smerczak ...
Nigel Shady
Thomas Mogotlane ...
Kurt Egelhof ...
Eric Nobbs ...
Doon Robbertse
Al Karaki ...
Karl Johnson ...
Maj. Braddock D. Mackay
Alfred Ntombela ...

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Produced by

Edgar Bold ... executive producer
Carl Fischer ... producer
Laurie Korsten ... associate producer
André Scholtz ... producer

Music by

John Weddepohl

Cinematography by

James Robb

Film Editing by

Thekla Bauer
Harry Hughes
Johan Lategan

Production Design by

Graeme Orwin


The story takes place in a fictional South African country where a man cons people into believing that he kills lions. Then the UN sends a group of people there to make sure that the elections go according to plan. This upsets the main character. Then the people sent by the UN steal cattle and sell it to get this diamond. The main character falls in love with this women, then she is kidnapped by guerilla fighters. The main character goes to save her. After saving her he ruins a big inspection of the UN soldiers while these other people are trying to steal the diamond that the cattle was sold for. At the end of the movie the main character sets off a cannon and accidently kills the people who stole the diamond.