Brutal Glory (1988) (South Africa: 1988)

Brutal Glory (1988)

Director: Koos Roets

Year of Release: 1988

Robert Vaughn
Leah Pinsent
Timothy Brantley
James Ryan
Peter Tunstall
Simon Poland
Wilson Dunster
Gordon Mulholland
Brian O’Shaughnessy
Brumilda van Rensburg
Wilna Snyman
Joe Stewardson
Martin Majola
Steven Moloi
Patricia Saunders
Ken Gampu
Dennis Smith
Ivan Grey
Robin Smith
Kevin Basel
Angel Castignani
Jeff Fannell
Brad Morris
Charles Comyn
Lynita Crofford
Trish Downing
Craig Gardner
Jeremy Davies
Jurgen Hellberg
Gary Ford
Bess Finney
V. Da Silva
Andre-Jacques Van der Merwe
Tertius Meintjes
Martin Dewee
Oliver Ngwenya
Willie Hoffman
Floris Erasmus
Andre Snyman
Costa Nicolau
Ken Marshall
Ian Winter
George Korelin
Terry Norton
Amanda Strijdom
Martin Turner
Phillip Van der Bijl
Ouma Senna
Tom Zeederburg
Thys Willemse
Ex Joe Mafela
David Sherwood
June Buthelezi
Les Blumberg

Cedric M. Kuhlenthal … associate producer
Philo Pieterse … producer
Noel Senogles … line producer
Production Design by Roy Rudolphe
Art Direction by Amanda Hall
Barbara Farman … assistant makeup artist
Charmaine Kinnear … assistant makeup artist
Trevor Langlois … assistant makeup artist
Colin Polson … makeup artist
Bobby Van Der Westhuizen … hair stylist
Brigid Olen … production manager
Melissa Read … assistant production manager
Dan Tesner … unit manager
Simon Trace … Second Unit Director
Timothy Conradie … third assistant director
Peter de Vos … second assistant director
Lawrence Goodman … second assistant director
Joe Mafela … third assistant director
Carl Olën … first assistant director Art Department
Llewellyn Alberts … property master
Steve Bredenhann … carpenter
David Brockbank … props buyer
Rodney Cohen … carpenter
Barry Jacobs … stand-by props
Nick Morgan … stand-by set dresser (as Nicholas Morgan)
David Robertson … set dresser
Charles Vermeulen … construction manager Sound Department
David Anderson … dubbing mixer
Neria Cohen … second assistant sound editor
Glenn Freemantle … first assistant sound editor
John Hayward … sound re-recording mixer
Richard Langford … dubbing mixer
Nico Louw … sound recordist
Pieter Rossouw … boom operator
Jim Shields … sound editor Stunts
Ed Anders … stunt choreographer
Scott J. Ateah … stunt coordinator
Gavin Armstrong … camera operator
Henry Blignaut … gaffer
Ewen Bogle … assistant camera
Ken Eddy … aerial photography
John Hlapolosa … sparks
Richard Millington … bestboy
Wright Mokona … sparks
Sean Mulholland … assistant camera
Shadrach Oepeng … logger (as Shadrak Oepeng)
Toni Schoeman … assistant grip (as Antonio Schoeman)
F.P. Senekal … assistant camera
Tobie Swanepoel … camera operator (as Tobias Swanepoel)
Ernie Tamsen … assistant camera
Gys Ten Haaft …grip
Lisa Trocchi … still photographer Costume and Wardrobe Department
Gretha Brazelle … wardrobe dresser
Adrian du Toit … wardrobe buyer
Adrienne Goldberg … wardrobe assistant
Laura Iangiro … wardrobe cutter / wardrobe: factory manager
Johanna Khoza … seamstress
Donovan Mowatt …wardrobe designer
Theresa Nkosi … seamstress
Hanneke Pieterse … wardrobe controller
Adam Steyn … wardrobe assistant Editorial Department
Peter Culverwell … first assistant editor
Virgilio Da Silva … second assistant editor Music Department
Robert Hathaway … music editor (as Bob Hathaway)
Steve Louw … music consultant
Howard Siegel … music recording engineer: UK
Eric Tomlinson … music supervisor

Synopsis:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Canadian Brutal Glory is based on a true story. Set in World War I-era New York City, the film stars Timothy Brantley as a boxing champ named Kid McCoy, aka “The Real McCoy”. Ambitious to the point of ruthlessness, McCoy will mash anyone flat-inside and outside the ring-to get ahead. The era is superbly recaptured, as are the grimy working conditions in the fight game of the era.


Author: Vincent Canby


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